Reports and Correspondence


Reports allow you to turn your grants data into meaningful and practical information, formatted however you wish. Reports can be used to glean insights into the needs of your community, to publicise the good work your grants are helping to achieve, or to fulfill auditor requirements.

Use Reports to run summaries of grant rounds, recommendation reports, produce notification letters to applicants, or analyse your grantgiving over a period of time.

The system enables you to bring together your data however best meets your information needs. Every field recorded in the system can be extracted into a report.


SmartyGrants uses templates to run reports.  You are in complete control, so you can pull together whatever data you need into either a Microsoft Word document or Excel workbook.  To run a report and extract data you need a template.

Users can select which fields they want included when creating a template, that template can be downloaded and further customised to achieve the desired layout, look and feel.

For example:

  • For a Notification Letter, you might want individual pieces of data to be inserted into the relevant places throughout a document; much like a traditional mail merge.
  • For a Council, Committee or Board report, you may wish to create a spreadsheet containing summary information about each application, such as the applicant name, project title, amount requested, and the amount recommended.

You may further wish to stipulate a sort order, text formatting, page headers and footers, inclusion of graphs and so on.

You do this by opening the Template in Word or Excel and manipulating these components as you would when working with a regular document and uploading the customised templates back into SmartyGrants.


Once a Template is created it is then used to run a report and extract the data you want fed into the template.

For example:

  • After creating a Notification Letter template, you apply a filter to include data from a recently concluded grant round and run the report, SmartyGrants matches the data to the Template and generates your Notification Letters for you.
  • Or you may have a recommendation template, this could be run against the same grant round.

My Reports

The 'My Reports' area of the system displays your most recent reports that you have run as a user, here they can be re-run, downloaded or deleted.  My Reports is also an area a report can be started from. Multi-Program and Program Specific reports can be run from here, Program Specific reports can also be run from within each program. Contact reports are run from the contact directory.

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