Grant Programs

As a grantmaking organisation, you may run various grant programs for different types of community activity. For example, your organisation may run a Cultural Diversity Grants program along with an Environmental Grants program.

In SmartyGrants, you create a Grant Program for each. A Grant Program acts like a folder containing all of the Program's Applications, Grant Rounds, Forms, Tasks and so on.

Sorting Programs

In Smartygrants you can sort your programs by using the arrows in the title bar to adjust your preferences, program names are sorted in alphabetical order . The up arrow indicates a sort ascending versus the down arrow with represents a sort descending.

The arrows become purple to indicate which is the active sort occurring on the screen.

Example grants program

Your organisation runs a grants program called the Environmental Grants Program. The program has:

  • an application form
  • an internal eligibility check form
  • an assessment form to be completed by a panel of external assessors
  • and a grant acquittal form

The program is open for applications twice a year:

  • March
  • and October

At the end of March and October, you process applications according to a documented process:

  • Assess applications
  • Notify applicants of outcomes
  • Organise contracts and payments
  • Acquit grants

In SmartyGrants, you create a Grant Program called Environmental Grants Program. All of the above Forms, dates, and processes are stored here.

For detailed instructions on creating a Grant Program, see Create a Grant Program