This nifty calendar is designed to assist you in keeping track of your program. The calendar is linked to all of your rounds, stages, tasks and a weekly tally of forms submitted. One quick glance and you know what's upcoming and what is overdue.

Any start/end or submitted dates of rounds, stage dates, stage and application tasks as well as giving you a weekly tally of application, assessment and acquittal forms are available to appear in the calendar area. You can choose which of these you want to be displayed.

You may also configure your calendar to feed through to your default e-mail accounts.

This is a one way feed from SmartyGrants to your default e-mail calendar.  If you make changes to these items in your Outlook or iCal, they will not appear in SmartyGrants. For more information see the instructions below.

All coloured boxes that appear with items are links.  You can click on any of these and the system will take you to the appropriate area and filter to what you had clicked on.  For example: If I click on the blue link above left 'Assessments (1)' it filters through to the application the assessment was submitted for:

Change Calendar Display

To change your calendar display click on the blue 'Configure Calendar Display' button at the bottom of your programs calendar.

The following window will appear.  Tick the relevant boxes next to those items you wish to see in your calendar and click on 'Save'.

Configure iCal/Outlook Feed

The availability of the iCal / Outlook calendar feed is set for your entire organisation. If you cannot see the Configure iCal Feed button you should contact your account administrators or email

Note: this is a one way 'read-only' feed from SmartyGrants to your e-mail calendar.  You cannot make changes to events in Outlook or iCal.

To configure your calendar to feed through to your e-mail system calendars click on the blue 'Configure iCal Feed' button.

The following window will appear:

Click on the blue 'Activate iCal Feed' button to subscribe to the iCal feed with your default calendar application, this will try and automatically link your calendar.

If this does not work you can manually link your calendar using the unique URL that appears in your feed window. For example:

You will need to refer to your individual calendar applications documentation for further information on how to do this.