Applications contain all the information relevant to a given grant application.

They contain two basic types of information:

  • Information contributed by the applicant

The completed online Application Forms submitted by an Applicant, including all the answers they provided to your questions along with any file attachments. This may also include Acquittal Forms, and any other External Forms the Applicant has submitted.

  • Information added by internal staff or External Assessors

Assessment and Administration Forms, Funding decisions, Contact records, Correspondence history, and the Stage and Task status of an Application.

The Application Page

When you click on a linked Application number anywhere in SmartyGrants, you are taken to the Application page. The following sections are available for each application:

  • Summary
    This section displays the responses only to standard fields/questions used across the whole application profile.  Standard responses can also be edited from this area. You can hide or show sections of the summary tab by clicking on the +/- next to each category heading.

  • Application
    This section contains the complete Application Form with your Applicant's answers. It also lists any other External Forms the Applicant has completed, such as Banking Details or Progress Updates.
  • Assessment
    This section contains the Assessment Forms attached to the Application, and allows you and other Assessors to attach new Assessment Forms.

  • Decision 
    This section contains the Decision status of the Application, allows you to allocate funding amounts, along with any comments or conditions of funding approval.

  • Acquittal
    This section allows you to add & send an applicant an acquittal form and when completed will contain the completed Acquittal Form with your Applicant's answers

  • Administration
    This section contains the Administration Forms attached to the Application, and allows you and other administrators to attach new Administration Forms.

  • Contacts
    This section contains a list of the contact organisations and people associated with the Application. For example, you may find the Applicant Organisation details, along with the details of their CEO, administrative contact and Auspice. You can also record and review file notes against the Application. 

  • Files
    This section will list any attachments that have been submitted or added to the application either through a form or through a file note. Any Form link will navigate the user to that submitted form
  • History
    This section lists a full audit history of the application. In this area you will see the name of the user, date any action that has taken place on this application.

Application Tool Box

This section contains a summary of basic details of the Applicant, the current Decision status of the Application, Funding Amounts, current Stage status and a list of any tasks attached to the application.  You can use this to tick off Application Tasks, to add Tasks specific to the Application, or to progress the Application to a new Stage.

Specific Application Topics