Help Guide for Assessors

Welcome to SmartyGrants, Australia and New Zealand’s most widely used online grants management system.

You can access SmartyGrants to view and assess applications a grantmaker has assigned to you.

This help guide walks you through step by step how to log on and complete an assessment using SmartyGrants.  Would you prefer to watch a video tutorial? Click here.


For any specific questions in regards to the grants program, assessment guidelines or criteria, please contact the grantmaker you are working with.  For any technical questions, the SmartyGrants support team are on standby and can be contacted via or phone +61 (3) 9320 6888 (Australia/International) and +64 4 889 3068 (New Zealand).

System Requirements

To access SmartyGrants you need an Internet browser and an Internet connection. There are no specific operating system requirements. The following browsers are supported:

Google Chrome v3.0+

Safari v3.0+
Firefox v2.0+

Internet Explorer v7.0 (Supported with a number of limitations), v8.0+ recommended

Internet Explorer 6.0 is not supported.

Getting Started


When the grantmaker sets up your account, you will receive an email containing your username and password. If you lose this information, the grantmaker can re-send it to you.

To log in, visit and enter your login details.

Change Password

When you log in for the first time, you should change your password to something that you will easily remember:

1. Click your username drop down arrow in the top right of the screen and select 'My Account'.

2. Enter your old password, followed by your preferred new password. Repeat the preferred password, and click the Change Password button.

3. Click the Account Name link at the top left of screen to return to the homepage.

Change Viewing Preference

By default when you view an application form you will see any applicant responses and any general content/instruction/s included within the form template.  You can change your personal account setting so that you only see the applicants responses given.  This may be helpful as it saves having to scroll through content you do not need to read or review.  If you begin your assessment/s and find there is too much general content to sift through you can change your setting to 'review responses only':

  • Click your username drop down arrow in the top right of the screen and select 'My Account'.

  • Click on the 'edit' button next to the 'Viewing Form' option.
  • Select which option you prefer and click on Save.  This will save your personal preference as an ongoing preference, if you wish to change your option at anytime you can do so by revisiting the My Account preference option.

A note on Tasks

Grantmakers use a feature called Stages and Tasks in their assessment process. This feature allows you to mark an application as 'done' after you have assessed it. Doing so helps you to track your progress.

Cathy is an External Assessor for the local Council. There are two other External Assessors, Peter and Jane. 

Every application has three Tasks associated with it:

  • Assessment Complete - Cathy
  • Assessment Complete - Peter
  • Assessment Complete - Jane

After assessing an application, Cathy marks her task  'Assessment Complete - Cathy' as done (complete). Peter and Jane do the same as they go through their assessment/s. Both yourself and the grantmaker can see how many applications you have assessed and how many you have to go. 

You can mark a task complete either on the Stage page or the Application page:

Locate your applications

 1. Click the blue stage link under the program you are assessing.

2. A list of application task/s will appear for each assessor/s.  You may see a task labelled with your name on it, or you may see a task labelled either as 'assessment' or 'assessment complete' for example.

Now, click on the task your grantmaker has instructed you to complete.

3. A list of all applications to assess are listed. To review and assess an application, click its blue Application ID link.

You will note those tasks not yet completed are marked as 'To Do', and any already completed - or marked as 'Complete' - will appear with a green tick.

Review the Application

  1. To review and assess an application, click its Application ID.

  2. Scroll down to review the Application form/s online.

Note: to view any attachments or download a copy of the application form, click on the 'Download' drop down menu and select the relevant action.

Assess the Application

  1. Click the grey Assessment tab at the top of screen.

  2. Click the Add Assessment Form button and select the form the grantmaker has instructed you to use.


3. A copy of the Assessment Form is added to the application. Click the blue Fill Out button on the right top of the form.

4. Fill out the Assessment Form as you would any online form.

5. If you wish to refer to the Application Form, click the Show Application button at the top right of screen. When you select the Show Application button the screen will split and you will see the full application and the assessment form onscreen.

6. You can also elect to Hide Sidebar for easier visibility of the application and assessment form. You do this by selecting the Hide Sidebar button on the top right of the screen.

Important!  Ensure you Save your form regularly.  You may Close the assessment form if needed before submitting the form.  When complete, click the Submit button at the top right of screen.

Assess or View the Acquittal Form/s

Access to the Acquittal form/s is dependent on the Grantmaker. The Grantmaker must allow permissions for an assessor to view the Acquittal form/s.

  • If you have permission, you will see three available tabs once you select an application.

Submit your Assessment

Submitting your assessment means that a permanent copy of your assessment, as it stands at the time you click submit, will always be retained with the application.

Once an assessment is submitted you can Reopen it if you need to make any alterations; however, note reopening an assessment does not alter the original submitted assessment form, but rather creates a subsequent version of the assessment which you can change and submit in turn.

There are two ways to Submit your assessment form:

1. When you are in 'Fill Out' mode, click the Submit button in the top right hand corner:

2. Or, from the Assessment overview tab click the submit button:

3. You will be then prompted to confirm the submission. Click Submit to confirm:

*Note: if required fields within the form have not been completed, you will be warned the form is incomplete, you may not submit until the form is fully completed:

Mark your Assessment as complete

There are two areas you can mark your assessment task complete:

  1. In Application
    When viewing an application look at the application toolbox on the right hand side of screen.  If you scroll to the bottom of this toolbox you will see a listing of all application tasks assigned to this application.  Your assessment task will be visible here.

  • Click the drop arrow associated to your task and select 'Mark as done now'.

2. Stage screen

On initial login or when returning to the home screen you will see a list of any stage/s you have access to.  Click on the relevant stage you are assessing.

Click on the blue task link, a list of applications will appear, select the 'mark done' button for the application you wish to complete the task for.

Return to your Applications for assessment

You can return to your list of applications for assessment at any time by clicking on the 'Stages' tab at the top left of screen.

This will return you to the initial Stage screen. Click on the relevant stage, and your task. A list of all applications will appear under your task.