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Getting Started

SmartySkills Training Pack, SmartyGrants concepts, Navigation


Overview, how to build forms, form elements

Grant Rounds

Working with Grant Rounds, Public, Private & Publicising

Stages & Tasks

What are Stages & Tasks, how do I work with stages and manage tasks?

Reporting & Correspondence

Customise Templates & Generate Reports


Contact relationships, Create, edit & export

Video Tutorials

Index of all recorded webinars & tutorials here


Viewing and Working with Applications


Assessing Applications, Managing Internal and External Assessors


Working with Acquittals


E-mailed to users each month, SmartyNews is a key way we notify users of any important system improvements, tips, updates and new features. Missed an issue? Check our recent news listing.

Contact Us

Phone: Australia +61 3 9320 6888 or New Zealand +64 4 889 3068
Our support desk operates 9:00am - 5:00pm AEST, Mon - Fri.

Help Guides for Applicants & Assessors

Download step by step help guides for Applicants or Assessors:

System Status

Check the status of SmartyGrants by going to You will find details of any scheduled maintenence or incidents that have affected SmartyGrants' availability and can subscribe to any automatic updates.



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